Monday, October 26, 2009

Classic! Peep the dude on the keyboard. Also, check out old French banger, Fandango (Jackie Quartz) -WD

Jakie Quartz - Fandango.mp3

Sunday, October 25, 2009

For all those preteeners out there who consider themselves sluts, This is for you This is because we care about you and know that real guys don't really want all these sluts
Take a look at Ben, we asked him three questions and these were his responses:

PS: So Ben, preteen sluts good or bad?
Ben: [shakes head] (he doesn't seem to understand my question)
PS: (maybe he doesn't want to talk after all) Okay Ben im cutting right to the chase... If one of these sluts offered herself to you would you have sex with her?
Ben: [at the third to last word rolls his eyes]

Obviously too horrible a topic to talk about
(....did you see his eyes they looked possessed)
--your friend preteen_lookout

So, its about that time of the month again and music is here to distract us from disgusting red things....mostly old g-ma lips. FADER has teamed up with Brooklyn Bowl, a local venue of the Williamsburg community, and has brought you, yes you a line up that just shouldn't be missed

Cubic Zirconia (Live)
Duane Harriott & Master Khan (DJ sets)
Snack N Cmish (DJ sets) + Special Guests

oh and did i mention its free, well yes if you have identification that says your 21, its tots freesies If not... the cost is your dignity and flesh while you try and wiggle your way through some kind of neglected opening. Check dis here if your not in school and don't have curfew suckkerrsss!!

--your friend, preteen_lookout
Halloween is approaching...Where da party at?

Brooklyn Stand UP!
"VICE magazine, which is still not only fully independent but is also flourishing while the dinosaurs that surround us slowly suffocate in the tar pits of their financial ruin, is throwing a massive Halloween birthday party to celebrate our 15th anniversary. There will be two floors of chaotic nostalgia, scary punk bands, full-on rave DJs, a skate ramp, glow sticks, grunge, big pants, gangsta rap, marijuana-scented flannel, and serious slacker vibes. Plus it's on Halloween, so if you don't show up dressed as some sort of a cultural cliché from 1994, you probably won't get in."

Cool. - WD